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The Rauform Difference

At Rauform Pilates and Fitness you’ll find that we do things a little bit differently and offer more than Pilates and fitness classes. Since April 2022 when we opened our bespoke Pilates and fitness studio, we have continued to grow our supportive Rauform community. We love how our space brings everyone together to get fitter and healthier every day.

We believe fitness should be a wonderful experience for all – after all exercise is supposed to be fun! Our space is designed with our clients in mind and a class schedule to suit virtually everybody. The state-of-the-art fitness equipment that we have sourced is based on the feedback we have listened to from clients over the past 10 years.

We provide a range of affordable and unique class packs that provide more time to use them compared to other studios, because we believe everyone could do with more flexibility in their lives, not less. Plus, we have created a range of Fusion sessions because we know that sometimes to stay motivated, we all need to mix things up every now and then.

So why not check us out and see for yourself the Rauform difference.

Meet the Rauform Team

Sandy Rau

Owner of Rauform, Chief Cheerleader

Sandy Rau from Rauform Pilates

“I am qualified in Personal Training, Boxing, Weight Training, Reformer, Mat and Pre/postnatal Pregnancy Pilates and fitness. My passion for fitness and the ability to change someone’s life for the better has consequently become my primary focus for the past 10 years.

If YOU come to my space, I want you to feel comfortable. There will be no judgement on your current fitness levels or abilities. Equally, if you share your goals with me, I promise YOU I will be your biggest cheerleader!

Fitness can open doors to change who you are within – it’s one of the best metaphors for life itself. Being fit and healthy can change the way you see and move through this crazy world.

If you think about it exercise, healthy eating, enough sleep, positive relationships etc. all of these things are connected with each other.

It’s a well-known fact that endorphins help you cope. When everything feels like it is falling apart, a workout can instantly help. Evidently you will have days when nothing seems to go right, when you’re dizzy with frustration, but a workout can often help to turn things around. The discipline required to work out on a regular basis is like life itself, you have to show up for it to work!!

Let me be part of your fitness journey and cheer you on to achieve your goals for this year and beyond. Join our Rauform community and build a much stronger and more resilient YOU!”

Hear first-hand from some of our Rauformers:

What our clients have to say

Amazing trainer and knows my limits

Sandy is an amazing trainer; she knows when to push you over what you think are your limits but she also listens to you and teaches you how to listen to your body. Sandy always finds ways to make you able to train, nothing is too hard or impossible for her. When I broke my arm and for 6 weeks, I was not able to train my upper body, she adapted my exercise regime to still be able to train and gave me no room to come up with any excuses. (Rodica S.) 

Makes fitness classes enjoyable and hard

Sandy Rau is the most supportive, caring and competent trainer I’ve ever met. Since training with her my self-confidence has skyrocketed. It is truly a bliss knowing that I have met a trainer who understands my body type and demands. She makes the fitness classes enjoyable as well as hard. Sandy goes out of her way to show me how to do various movements correctly and provides me the inspiration and confidence to keep going. Her dynamic, warm demeanour makes it a joy to work with to attain your objectives. (Sophie B.) 


Always look forward to my workouts

Sandy has been one of the best training instructors I’ve worked with. She puts in the energy to encourage and motivate you to achieve real results. Most importantly, she focuses on my technique and corrects it to make sure I don’t hurt myself and avoid injuries. It’s not just all about hard work and sweat with Sandy, she creates an excellent atmosphere which is fun and full of laughter. You’ll always look forward to a workout with Sandy! (Paul A.) 

Supported to achieve fitness goals

Sandy is one of the most supportive people I know. Not just with training, but with life in general. She has a positive outlook on everything which is such a valuable quality to have. She pushed me to do better and I was able to achieve goals I never thought I could. Not only that, but she was able to modify exercises to suit my needs allowing me to achieve those goals. She does not let you fail. Everyone needs a Sandy in their life!! (Ashleigh S.) 

Modified training to my goals

Sandy is so enthusiastic about *my* goals (not the goals other trainers have had for me). She is a people person and really gets to know you so she can push and motivate you (even when it’s shark week and you’ve seen no physical changes for a few weeks). She is incredibly knowledgeable and can modify and substitute movements and exercises to get results without aggravating old injuries. (Michala C.) 

View the range of Pilates and Fitness classes we offer with our highly experienced professional trainers