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Community at Rauform Pilates and Fitness

Rauform Community

Over time the Rauform Pilates & Fitness community has gradually grown to be a highly supportive bunch of people that regularly enjoy the positive environment that Chief Cheerleader Sandy Rau has created.

When you come to Rauform you’ll not only have Sandy’s support but most likely the person laying next to you on the reformer or in the fitness area will also have your back or a friendly smile.

Plus, with the regular challenges involving the social side of life, be it a group presentation about nutrition or an end of challenge celebration at the local pub, you can join in as little or as much as you like.

So why not check us out at our fabulous studio in Walkerville and come be a part of our community.

If you’re looking for classes that are taught by someone who takes into account your injuries, history, prior exercise experience (or nil), this is the studio. She knows just when to push you, and when to not, and the community is just amazing.

– Thuc LT

(5 star Google Review)

If Sandy is incredibly approachable and very knowledgeable (she knows exactly when to push you that bit harder).

The community she has created within Rauform is supportive and non-judgemental. 

Would recommend Rauform to anyone who is looking for someone who is in the fitness industry to help others!

– Michaela C

(5 star Google Review)

Without doubt Sandy is the best Pilates instructor in Adelaide. She takes the time to get to know all her participants and ensures any injury concerns are addressed. No two classes are the same so you get plenty of variety and do not run the risk of getting bored with your workout. Rauform Pilates studio has a fresh welcoming vibe. There is no judgement on anyone’s ability and everyone who attends leaves feeling invigorated knowing they have worked hard but have enjoyed every second of it. Cannot recommend this studio enough! Thanks Sandy.

– KJ

(5 star Google Review)

More then just pilates! This place is so warm & welcoming and offers way more then just reformer pilates classes. I have even started doing the cardio circuit and I normally hate cardio. The staff are so kind and encouraging and really get behind you and your goals. I love the variety & selection of classes and I also love how it is a place for everyone. In each class there are people of all ages and varying weights & health level.

– Niomi S

(5 star Google Review)

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